Welcome to The Octagon Project!

The Octagon Project is just beginning!  Joseph M. Escue, a Hendersonville, Tennessee software developer, is donating his spare time to the project.  Billy D. Byrd, Executive Director of Octagon Hall Museum, Franklin, Kentucky is the project sponsor.  The project goal is to collect the data gathered by paranormal investigators from as many locales as possible for scientific analysis.  The project will attempt to identify patterns, trends, and cause and effect relationships in an effort to better understand the nature of paranormal activity.  If you wish to view the original proposal document presented at Octagon Hall's 2012 Para-Quest Event it is here.

Presently the project is in the data modeling phase.  Soon the database will be created.  As soon as it can be made available a project plan will appear here so that interested parties can track development progress.  After reviewing the original project proposal you are invited to ask questions, make comments and offer suggestions.  Please submit technical issues to Joe's e-mail link.  We plan to offer a system that is helpful and easy to use while collecting data for analysis.  We sincerely hope that many paranormal teams will choose to participate in The Octagon Project.  The more participants we have, the better our chances for success.

We appreciate your interest in The Octagon Project.

To learn more about the project developer click on “About the Developer” above.